1:1 Coaching

I thought I could do it all on my own. I really did. I thought I knew enough, was smart enough, and could grow fast enough. But 6 months into being a CEO, I was starting to feel the heat and was in WAY over my head.

Around that time I received the best piece of career advice anyone has ever given me (past or present)–

Find a coach

Find a publicist

and buy a really nice pair of sunglasses.

I took theadvice to heart and haven’t looked back.

My coach gave me the tools I needed to keep my head above water, my eyes focused on my mission and my head cool when things heated up.

My publicist raised my profile through strategic placements and taught me to step into the limelight and own my accomplishments and thoughts. No more hiding the back for me, it was time to step up and lead–inside and outside of my company.

And the really nice sunglasses?

In addition to being a status symbol, they gave me the boost of confidence I needed to step up and say, “I rock this thing.”

As leaders, OUR support systems are crucial. The higher up in organizational leadership we go, the more support we need so we can deliver our best to those depending on us.

Who do you have on YOUR support team?

For the ladies who KNOW they need a little extra support keeping their heads cool in the heat, their backs strong and minds supple, I am opening up a few places in my individual coaching program.

Here’s what we are going to do together:

  • Identify areas of your leadership prowess– and where you are abdicating your power and responsibilities as a leader
  • Bring you into alignment, so your leadership is an expression of the REAL you: your values, your strengths, your unique contribution and personality as a leader
  • Look at areas where you are letting criticism stifle you from being the leader you are meant to become– and how to flip those chains into fuel
  • Empower you to rise up as the leader you are meant to be– one who takes no prisoners and wastes no time– because you know how to advocate for yourself effectively, set boundaries, and back yourself when- and as- needed and who knows how to negotiate for the things you want
  • Teach you to play politics like you’ve been doing it your entire life and how to gracefully ruffle feathers
  • Harness the power of your mind for peak performance

Additionally, you’ll receive any other support you would like to have in the areas of managing a team, leading towards a vision, time management/setting priorities, self-care, etc.

This 4-month long coaching program is tailored to suit your individual needs. You’ll receive a weekly 1:1 coaching session and ongoing support via email and audio.

This high-touch, high-impact, and high-ticket coaching is for the women who know they need to invest in themselves to get to the next level.

Are you ready to go all in?

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